Thursday, 28 October 2010

Reworked Vintage

On a rainy afternoon, Beth, Suz and myself had the joy of strolling around the Forum shops on Division Street.I love this little hidden area of unique shops and am pleased to see it's not changed much in a year (although one cute vintage shop has been lost to a guitar shop, boo hoo) but there are still some gems to check out. 

Here's a photo 'write up' of the best two.

Flock Boutique

 Syd & Mellory

As most of you know, this past summer I set up my own pop up boutique which ran for a week in July and a week at the beginning of September - with rather 'casual' hours (sitting in a shop for 8 hours is not to be underestimated!) Anyways the homemade vintage feel of Flock Boutique and Syd & Mellory is something that I love, and definitely a style I would emulate had I done the shop for longer. All it takes is rummaging through some fully stocked charity shops and flea markets, discovering some classic items, dusting off the sewing machine and having a go customizing them....I say this like I've ever given myself more than a weekend of time on a 'new project' such as these but one day I will sit down and try and make my own collection - who knows Sophie's Swag may take off ;) 


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