Friday, 22 October 2010

Dolphin Update - Already!

Email just in, some great action towards putting an end to these animal crimes.

"Bulletin from the cause: "The Cove" - Save Japan Dolphins
International Dolphin Day – in Japan for the first time!

What a difference a few days make. We started out last week dismayed at the news that more dolphins had been killed in The Cove. By Friday, we were feeling more encouraged than ever. You all went to work! You made calls, went to Embassy and Consulate offices, and in Japan, the best yet, many people came forward for the first time to demand an end to the brutal hunts.

Save Japan Dolphins volunteer Kyoko “Kiki” Tanaka presented 163 signatures from Japanese citizens - most throughout the Wakayama region (where Taiji is located!) – to the Japanese Cabinet offices. The fact that Japanese citizens are now organizing and demanding change is tremendous. To read more from her go to:

And it didn't end there. People from all over the world showed up to peacefully protest at Japanese Embassy and Consulate offices - Miami, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Seattle, San Francisco, Atlanta, New York, London, Toronto, Ottawa, Dublin, Cape Town, the Philippines, Canberra, Hong Kong, and more.

A huge thanks to all of you who attended an event or made calls. We’ve uploaded pics here:

Ric O'Barry

Campaign Director

Save Japan Dolphins/Earth Island Institute "

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