Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Get with the lingo

For something a bit more up-beat (excuse the pun), I thought I'd show you the craze going on in the good ole US of A.

It's called Turfing or Juking and here's the low down:
Turfing is a dance that uses glides, bone breaking tutting and krumping floor movements. There is controversy as to the origins of this dance - between the Flex and Turf, the traditional east coast vs west coast argument that has cropped up with these two dances.

‘Get hyphy’ or ‘go dumb’ are terms used when dancing to dubstep music which is the preferred music of the turf dancer.

It's kinda like hip-hop cross hardcore ballet landed some work on the big screen..think you could pull it off?

Pretty creative eh.

Ps: Whilst we're on a video post, here's a pretty unique story and a rather splendid song.

Aloe Blacc worked for the consultants Ernst & Young until the recession hit and he got laid off. However, with a soulful voice and some good resourcefulness he's turned his hand to music and produced a pretty sweet track. "I need a dollar" Check out the vid.

Ciao for now x

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