Monday, 13 September 2010

End of the British Summer

I think it's safe to say that is the end of our English summer - we even have the aga back on! All the garden greens are looking a lot more autumnal and it's time to rummage for those old jumpers for back to uni packing. ( I even stumbled across my old school MOON BOOTS! I hope there's some snow this winter!)

Anyways whilst still at our home in Northamptonshire, Jerry and myself took a muse around the garden and vegetable patch to get some final 'summer close-ups'.
Here you are...


Quite possibly the world's oldest potatoes.We found them growing out of their bag in the pantry - been there for well over a year! Pretty amazing really.Now it's the beginnings of the autumn season, I love how all the once flowered plants turn into such great 'dead' ones! Sounds bizarre but have a look. I've got a little collection going but here are just a few.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

English Outings in August

Girls on tour: Liverpool.

The other weekend I headed North to meet up with Hannah and Alison and the other party go-ers to get geared up for Creamfields 2010! Unfortunately the majority of the weekend was not SLR friendly partying and so all I'll share are some pre-drinking photos. The very cool disposable camera is in the process of being this space ha.

This August I managed to explore a bit more of the English countryside...and yes, I am going to only show you the sunny bits ;) 

Here are a few pics from a lovely few days up in Nofolk where I enjoyed a little day trip to Sandringham....only where the QUEEN holidays darling.

The Queeny's holiday home - Sandringham, Norfolk. The countryside around the area is delightful and so getting out for some sunset summer drives was a treat.