Saturday, 13 November 2010

All I want for Christmas is a SHETLAND PONY!

At the Guilsborough residence, we now have an exciting addition of six baby Shetland ponies (they're not ours but we can pretend!) and they are adorable if not a little over-friendly.

The neighhhhhhhbours (courtesy of Ollie Ayres's wit) have a number of snooty llamas in their field so with these little ponies, some sheep, a few dogs, a pond full of fish and some friendly squirrels - we have quite a little menagerie of animals on offer!

In fact there happens to be a mini me in ponie form, introducing.....WILLY WONKA

Okay so I got a little scared when he got a bit too eager...RUN!

Yes, a bit wimpy I'll admit it.

Stefan, on the other hand, was much braver (the manly man that he is) and quite a natural in comparison. The horse whisperer himself!


  1. Hi there, again :D
    I really like the style of your blog i have to say..i enjoy reading what you have to share and you have an amazing smile. Just this whole blog has a very positive energy.
    You have got a new Czech/Australian follower :)!
    & I hope to chat to you soon about how your blogging is progressing!

  2. Hi there! Sorry for only just replying, didn't see your comment! Thanks so much - I'm honoured to have an international follower! Just doing some revamping of the blog so stay tuned! xx