Thursday, 15 July 2010

calvin klein 2010 + iphone = exclusive raunchy ad

The signature steamy Calvin Klein ad campaigns are always a treat for lads and ladies alike. However, this season CK has sneakily hidden their 40-second commercial behind a red and white pixel icon that requires a particular Iphone App in order to view. (The iphone must be held up to it from street level). The billboards are currently up in LA and NYC and feature Dutch model Lara Stone as well as four other "uncensored" male models. I've just got my mitts on the lastest iphone so let's hope for a poster to hit London soon!

Lara Stone (Comedian David Walliams' wife)

Eva Mendes, spring-summer 2010 CK campaign.


  1. love the calvin klein ad!! ❤

  2. You do know that Lara Stone is married to David Walliams...the british comedian...he's snagged a keeper there! x