Monday, 12 July 2010


Tyra vs Elle. American vs British (kinda). I want us brits to win this but I'm afraid to say after viewing the first episode of Britain's Next Top Model I was fairly disappointed.
Elle looks sensational, the typical one-gone-a-week format is always a winner and the fashion/art/drama is to taste but something just doesn't feel quite right.

I didn't rate any of the latest model 'discoveries', the judging panel is just as lack-lustre and I don't know if I'm being overcritical but the filming just didn't seem as glossy, brash, sleek and how should I say! (shudder). Maybe it's a grower but for now I'll just watch it to follow Elle (and hear her talk for the first time following Jonathan Ross). Let's hope for the usual fix of up and coming fashion designers, the hidden city treasures and the creative photography; throw in some girl drama for good measure.

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