Sunday, 14 November 2010

Top 5

It's rainy winter time, my Law and Spanish work loads are piling up and there is still a bit of hole in my shoe collection following my clear out on leaving Spain. What's that you say...a spot of shopping is needed? Well then there's only one thing for it - time to check out some of the great shoes about at the minute. I've collaborated my top 5 shoe ideas of the moment - feel free to suggest yours!

Introducing my new suede Christmas/Cocktail party shoesies from River Island.

They are classics, very comfy and just beautiful. The suede is far too delicate for Union nights out so I think they may be saved until the Christmas festivities.

Choice Number...

 The Kurt Geiger rounded courts

These Kurt Geiger beauties are classics and uber elegant, perhaps when I'm a successful, ruthless business woman I'll justify the price tag but until then, they'll just be left to Santa's spending. 

Here are some more KG gems while we're on the topic!

Suede wedged ankle boots

These are some other 'potentials' to be found on my hit list but I do have a very similar pair of winter sherling boots. However, these are just so simple and elegant. Hmm, no harm in trying them on eh,watch this space ;)

Suede AGAIN!

Wrap-around Suede shoeboots

These chunky turtle suede shoeboots are quite a statement and would look fab over some black skinnies or some token leather. At £60 they're not uber cheap but maybe unique enough to justify it?!

And last but not least, Winter's Top 5 Shoe choice number...

The Moonboots

 These moonboots will get you through anything and are just old school perfection! Ok so they're maybe not the most elegant of boots but they're super comfy, water tight and a bit of change to the norm - a break from your slouchy uggs or leather bikers. Bring on the snow.

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