Thursday, 26 August 2010

take me away

After a rainy English summer and without our usual trip to home to Cayman, Mum and I got scheming and splashed out on a last minute holiday to Faro, a small fishing town in the Algarve, Southern Portugal.

We booked the hotel through a really great website that my friend Helen introduced me to a while ago. It's called and it offers some truly beautiful boutique hotels at fairly reasonable prices - much cheaper than phoning up the hotel directly (I'm sad and checked).

 Here is a luxurious hotel in Marrakesh for example.

The Algarve is pretty renown for fabulous beaches, 5* hotels and scorching summer sun. 

However, we didn't really want to go on holiday and end up surrounded by Brits so instead we gambled and stayed in Faro which is without any major beach. Within the marina of this small fishing town, we discovered beautifully quaint shopping streets and vast wetland marshes, enjoyed various boat trips to neighbouring beaches and towns along the coastline - which also has a train line running along the water's edge, and watched storks snacking on sardines in the harbour amidst plenty of glorious get the picture. It was lovely.

 Seeing as I'm slowly becoming a bit of a camera nerd, I'm considering starting some new projects - without realising it, I seemed to develop a bit of an interest in doors....thrilling I know, but actually there were some pretty interesting and colourful examples in Portugal. If only I could of met the characters behind them! Watch out Todd Selby...ha.

What do you reckon? A feature on homeowners and their doors? Hmm...not too sexy is it. no.

Here are some close-ups of a few other Portugal features. I think I'm going to make a conscious effort to take a picture of objects very close-up or in 'macro' as I love all these textures. Bit of a guessing game what some of them are!

As expected a lot of my pics are fishing related. There really were some great sights - battered boats with peeling paint and old local fishermen that look like they've carried out the exact same fishing routine all their life. My Spanish helped a bit but would of been great to of spoken more to them, maybe Portuguese is next on the (ambitious) to-do list.

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