Monday, 16 August 2010

London calling


This weekend I had the pleasure of popping down to London and catching up with various buddies. However Master Jack Cullen was the main feature and I was made very welcome in his (and Jenny's) Finsbury Park flat.

The first night we toured Brick lane, attempted some drinks at 'the BIG CHILL' and various other bars/ attention to detail here is as hazy as you'd expect. We bumped into many old Oakham faces - it appears London is one big 00 fest so that was an added bonus.

Here are some of the pre-drinks - outfit camera testing - strutting around to Kelis - snaps.

 Topshop dress
Primarni Heels
Jack's/Naomi's fabulous room

And now for Jack himself...

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For Saturday daytime, I met up with Lydia and dragged my hungover self round many of the vintage markets near Spitalfields. Lydia was spoilt with my boozey/blurred wit and struggling body...apologies ;) NOTE for the London tourist like moi, Spitalfields is CLOSED on a SATURDAY...bummer, still lots to check out around and about the Brick Lane area.

Night two was always going to be a struggle for me and my one hit wonder hungover going out stamina but it was great. Jack and his pals Paul, Rob and Marie took me to G-A-Y and then onto Heaven to see the Saturdays sing....cough cough, well that was the idea. Anyways who knew how bloody hot gay guys are - good lord! Seriously, they all strip off at about 12am and the bods on these pretty boys are unbelievable! But yes, regardless they are still lucky chaps! I have now lost my gay clubbing virginity...what an experience!

Urban Outfitters body
Zara white high waist shorts
Chunky black heels

G-A-Y ready

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