Friday, 3 December 2010

It's SNOW time

The last two days here in Sheffield have been complete snow days - no lectures, no studying, working, no shopping, no gyming, just SLEDGING - and it has been a pleasure! Last year I was away in Spain for 9 months and the snowfall out there was fairly minimal - when not at the ski slopes (yes you can ski in Spain). So it's been almost two years since I've savoured the delights of knee-high snow, abandoned cars and cancelled classes. With my netball trip to Newcastle cancelled, there was nothing else for it but to get to a near by slope and get sledging - although I managed to buy the only sledge that didn't work. A baking tray would have gone quicker and straighter! £13.99 NOT well spent!

 The crew of sledgers included myself, Hannah, Alison, Dippy, Rider, Balti, Bond and plenty other familiar faces. And yes, they are their real names.

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